Friday Favorites – First of 2018!


Hi Everyone!

I am linking up with Amanda today to do my first Friday Favorites post of 2018!

  1. Pajamas – I really needed some new warm pajamas so when I saw these on sale I bought them. They are SO soft. They are also still on sale!! 😉
  2. Ruffle Sweater – I love this color and the price is great too.
  3. Necklace – I love the blush pink and this would look good with just about anything.
  4. Tote – I saw this in the store recently and of course I have added it to my wish list.
  5. Serum –  I received a sample of this and used it during our last trip and I loved it. For some reason as I have gotten older my skin has gotten very dry. I love my moisturizer and my night cream, but I am considering adding this to my skin care routine. Have any of you tried it?

Thank you all so much for stopping by and I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!


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