Friday Favorites

Hi Everyone!

I hope that you all had a good week. Mine was pretty good.  I’m linking up with Amanda today as usual.


  1. This Lush tunic top. I have only worn it twice because it is dry clean only, but I love it so far. I’m very petite and normally I stay away from tunics, but I don’t look like I’m swimming in this one. It also is not super long on me. I have worn it with super skinny jeans and leggings and I’m looking forward to creating more outfits with it. I also love this olive color for fall. Stay tuned for a post on my fall fashion favorites too. 🙂


2. This bag. I actually saw this in the store a few weeks ago and it’s gorgeous.

3.  I watched It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown last night. I love all of the Peanuts holiday movies and I’ll never get tired of watching them. 🙂


4. I finally picked up a fall candle this week!!! I found this pumpkin spice candle at TJ Maxx for $4.99. I know that it’s not super fancy, but it smells really good and it’s cute. My manager Krista gave me those beautiful flowers for my birthday and they still look amazing!! 🙂



5. This quote.  This is something to remember when you maybe don’t have the best day.



Thank you all so much for stopping by. I hope that you all have a great day today and a wonderful weekend!!! ❤ ❤


9 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Brittany Fortman says:

    Love that quote! Those flowers are so pretty. That’s so nice of your manager! So sad that Lush top didn’t work for me. And can you believe I’ve never seen any of the Peanut holiday movies?!

  2. pamelaglitter says:

    I just saved that quote in my phone the other day! Great call! That Gucci bag is amazing! I have the larger black one and I am wearing it today! I highly recommend! Love that color, too! Have a fabulous weekend!

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