Premium Denim Guide Pt. 2 – Styles & Body Types

Premium Denim Guide Pt. 2 - Styles & Body Types

Hi Everyone!

I hope that you are all having a great week so far. Today I wanted to the second part of my denim style guide. Last week I shared some tips on what to look for when buying premium denim, so today I wanted to talk about styles and different body types. One of the most important things that I learned at work is helping people find the right pair of jeans for their body type. We try on jeans all of the time at work and the best part is that all of us have different body types. Which makes it really helpful when working with a customer who is looking for jeans, since every customer is different. 🙂

I picked three different styles for this post and I will give an example of which body type works for that style of jean.


  1. Skinny Jean. This jean is a universal fit, you just need to find the right brand. I only wear skinny jeans because I’m pretty petite and they always fit me the best. This pair from Paige  is my favorite right now and I wear them ALL of the time. They are amazing.
  2. Boyfriend Jean. Most of the boyfriend jeans that we carry at work are more of a “girlfriend” style. They are tighter in the hips and butt and just look a lot more feminine. As for a body type, this works well if you’re tall, but also if you have a figure like Kim K or Jennifer Lopez. 🙂 This boyfriend by Paige is great, and so is this one from KUT from the Kloth .
  3. Flared Jean. I love this style!! Flares look amazing on really tall ladies, but also if you are not super tall they still look great. Even if you have to get them shortened a little bit. This pair by Paige is fabulous.

I hope that this was a little bit helpful. The next time that you are shopping for jeans, try on a bunch of different brands too. They are all different and sometimes you might be surprised what ends up looking the best.

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope that you all have a wonderful day!! ❤


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