Summer Fashion Favorites

Hi Everyone!

I hope that you are all having a great week so far.  Today I wanted to share some things that I have been wearing a lot this summer. 🙂


BeFunky Collage

1. Paige Verdugo Ankle With Raw Hem in Distressed Optic White   – I love the raw hem on these jeans and they are a great fit.

2. Naya Jogger Pant by BRAEVE   Chris has mixed feelings about these pants. It is like men with the whole jumpsuit or romper trend. I guess they are either love it or hate it. Anyway… I love them. They are comfortable, I have paired them with black and white tops, and I wear them every week. Oh and they have pockets!!

3. With Love from Paris T-Shirt by Sundry   Since we spent part of our honeymoon in Paris, and because I love pink, I had to get this shirt. I also seriously wear it every week. I love wearing it with my white Paige jeans.


4. Stripe Knit Pencil Skirt by LANI I bought this skirt last summer and I have worn it a lot. It is really comfortable and looks good with just about anything. I have worn it with foot flops, sandals, and my Converse sneakers.

5. Robyn Denim Jacket by AG  Best thing that I may have ever purchased. I bought this jacket last summer and I wear it almost every day. It is soft and it washes really well too.

6. Gigi Sandal by Sam Edelman   I have these sandals in silver, but I wanted a nude pair. They look good with just about anything and they are very comfortable.

7. Women’s Ultimate V-Tee by Merona   I have one in pink and one in white. They are longer, come in a bunch of different colors, and they were $9 dollars. So much better than going to the Gap and spending $30 dollars on t-shirts.

8. Purple and Black Tie-Dye Maxi Dress – So many of you commented on this dress and since I wear it all of the time I of course had to include it. 🙂 I bought this dress for $5 dollars at a flea market in Singapore. It is really comfortable and lightweight. It has a slit on one side too so you stay pretty cool in it.

9. Bright Pink Ruffle Maxi Dress – I also bought this dress in Singapore. This one I found at a mall there and it was $15 dollars. I wear this one all of the time too. It is also very comfortable and lightweight.



Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope that you all have a wonderful day!! 🙂




8 thoughts on “Summer Fashion Favorites

  1. Anna says:

    I can definitely see why these are your favorites! The styles and colors are so great! And I love you in these maxi dresses! XO


  2. Andrea Nine says:

    You know I adore you in those maxi dresses! So pretty. I do love a graphic tee like this one you have and I often wear them with lil knit skirts. Hope you’ve had a wonderful Wednesday!!!

  3. perpetuallydaydreaming says:

    I love that Paris T!! And you look great in that pink dress. It’s one of my favs on you. I need to get me a jean jacket for fall, too. Once this house business dies down I’m going to get serious about this stitch fix/stylist thing. 🙂 Hope you’re having a good day!

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