Singapore Highlights

Hi Everyone!

I hope that you are all having a great week so far. Today I’m sharing the highlights from our trip to Singapore. I couldn’t include everything though since we did a ton and there are like 300 photos. This is the forecast for Chicago today too which makes me wish that I was back in Singapore in my sandals.


1. Singapore Botanical Gardens.  My favorite part about the gardens were the orchids. They were gorgeous.




2. Dinner at Chopsuey. Loved this place. The food was excellent and the restaurant itself was so pretty. I loved sitting outside on their patio too.


3. Arab Street. This area had tons of restaurants and lots of cute shops.  I loved this area. Haji Lane was the main little street there.


This is the shop where I found the dress that I wore on New Year’s Eve. They had so many pretty tops and dresses and SO many small sizes!!! It is really rare for me to walk into a store where they have a lot of small sizes so I was in heaven. 🙂



4. Brunch at the Ritz Carlton Singapore. I had to get a picture of the cheese table. It may have been the best part. They had a lot of American food, but they also had sushi and other delicious Asian food. I also enjoyed the rose champagne.




5. Little India. Chris and I walked through this temple there and it was really pretty. We also had a delicious dinner down there.




6. Raffles Hotel  This hotel was gorgeous and it made you feel like you were going back in time. We had a drink at the Long Bar which is home of the Singapore Sling. It was a lot of fun.




7. The Fullerton Hotel 

Laura and I went here for Afternoon Tea. Instead of your traditional afternoon though, they serve all local food. It was all incredibly delicious and it was fun to spend some time alone together. After we had tea we walked around the area for a bit. The place where we spent New Year’s Eve is that building with the three towers. The restaurant that we went to is located on the top of it.






As I mentioned the other day, this is where we spent New Year’s Eve. We had a delicious dinner that included sushi and wagyu beef among other things. The food and the service were excellent,  our server kept saying that he loved the Chicago Bulls haha. And as you can see the views were spectacular. You can seriously see the entire city.





I had to include a full shot of my dress for you all! 🙂




9. Dim Sum

On our last day we went out for some dim sum. It was excellent and the perfect meal before we headed to the airport that night.




We had an amazing time on this trip and I’m really happy that we went. We saw some pretty cool things, had some incredible food, and had some laughs. Thank you SO much Laura and Greg for a wonderful visit.


I hope that you all enjoyed this recap, and thank you so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful day! 🙂







11 thoughts on “Singapore Highlights

  1. Matt says:

    So happy you enjoyed Singapore.. My 2nd home now. Btw, you should have bought tons of clothes there as you are similar to ‘Asian size’ 🙂 My wife is tall for an Asian so she had trouble finding clothes there that fit her..

  2. Katie Elizabeth says:

    Girl, what a wonderful trip!! How fun that you got to visit your sister out there. I loved the pictures – all of the food looks so good and you looked beautiful in your NYE dress! 🙂

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