Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

Hi Everyone!
I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and weekend. Chris’s parents were visiting and left this morning. I enjoyed having them here and it was sad to see them go. Sorry for being a little late to the Weekend link up party too. So sorry that I didn’t take more pictures too, I was too busy having fun. 🙂
Today I’m linking up with Biana and Meghan.
Wednesday Chris’s parents arrived, and I worked until 6:00. We went to Coalfire for dinner and it was excellent. I was starving and it really hit the spot. After dinner we went to Maria’s Packaged Goods. This place was featured on an Esquire Magazine list of Best Bars in America. It’s a liquor store with a bar in the back. Maria herself was there checking ID’s. She had a lot of makeup on and big hair which really matched her personality. It was a fun place and worth checking out here.
Thursday I went to the gym which felt great, and I watched some of the Macy’s Day Parade and the dog show. After that we got ready for  our Thanksgiving. I was SO happy that I cooked the sides two days ahead of time. It saved me time and made things a lot less stressful. Chris and his mom cooked the turkey, and his friend who came over brought a pecan pie.  Below is a picture of our Thanksgiving spread. The stuff in the foil is a Honey Baked Ham. Everything turned out well and tasted delicious which was great. 🙂
Friday I worked until 4:00 and then Chris’s mom and I got manicures. I went with OPI Designer De Better. For dinner we had some leftovers, and then we walked over to Vaughn’s Pub for a Great Lakes Christmas Ale. After that we called it a night.
Saturday I had the day off and we decided to walk around in the Lincoln Square neighborhood. It was in the mid 40s and beautiful. I know that might sound freezing to some of you, but this is Chicago mid 40s in November is beautiful. We had a late lunch at Cafe Selmarie. It was our first time there but it was great. I had a spiked hot chocolate drink that was delicious. Please note that in the picture I’m also wearing my new plaid shirt. 🙂  I also had a delicious brussel sprout salad. The selection of baked goods there was amazing too. I would definitely recommend that place and I would go back there. Before heading to dinner, we went to the Allis for a drink. For dinner we went to The Publican.  It was our second time dining at the Publican and it was excellent again. If you are ever in Chicago, I highly recommend going there.
Sunday while Chris and his mom went to the gym, his dad and I relaxed at Starbucks. After that we walked around the Bucktown neighborhood, and had a nice dinner at home, and relaxed.
Thank you so much for stopping by and reading this long recap. 🙂
Have a great day!!!

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