Halloween Wreath



Hi Everyone!

I hope that you are having a great week so far. Today I’m excited to be sharing my first craft project on here! 🙂  Making wreaths is something that I started doing two years ago. I now have one for every season and for almost every holiday. They are really easy and fun to do, plus they are cheaper than buying a pre-made one. Since Halloween is next week, I wanted to share a Halloween wreath that I made yesterday.




– 1 18 inch tinsel wreath

– 1 package of Halloween sticker embellishments

– 1 package of a tiny Halloween pennant banner.

– 1 spool of ribbon of your choice.

– Hot glue gun


1. Tie the ribbon around the top part of the wreath. I tie mine in a bow around the door hook that I use.

2. Place your sticker embellishments around the wreath. Use the hot glue gun to secure your embellishments.

3.  Wrap the pennant banner around the wreath as if it is garland.

4. Hang on your front door, or any place you would like. 🙂


I bought all of the supplies for this project at Michael’s and it cost me $7 dollars because I used a 40% off coupon. I highly recommend registering to have their coupons emailed to you. They have them almost every day and they are always really good. I hope that you enjoyed this post and stay tuned for more craft project posts! 🙂


Thank you so much for stopping by and have a great day!




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