My Work & Fall Fashion Inspiration

Hi Everyone!

I hope that you are all having a great week so far. On my Friday Favorites post last week I included a picture of one of the mannequins that I put together at work. Today I thought that I would share pictures of all them with you. We have four different sections in the store and each the mannequins represent the style of that particular section.

Pictures 1 and 2: These are both is from our Sedona section. This section is very boho, and all of the pieces in it are feminine, have fun prints, and are relaxed.  For the first look, I wanted to use that cardigan it looked great with a distressed slim boyfriend jean, and a tribal print tunic. For the second look, I decided to go dressy. I used a printed pencil skirt and paired it with a fun vest and statement necklace. Ankle booties or a riding boot would look good with either of these outfits.

Picture 3: This is from our Harvard Blair section. This section includes pieces that are girly and preppy. This is a style that most people would say is most like me. So this one was easy for me. 🙂 I paired a preppy  skirt with a top that had ladylike detailing on it. I added the statement necklace to make it a little bit more bold. Black patterned tights and heels or booties would complete this look.

Picture 4: This is from our Breckinridge section. Think ski lodge, warm beverages, and fire side chats. This section includes tribal print cardigans,  long sleeve thermal t-shirts, leggings, and thick sweater tights. I just paired a tribal cardigan with some leggings and a t-shirt. I added a fun necklace to complete the look. For shoes, a snow boot, riding boot, or ankle bootie would look great.

Picture 5: This is from our Edinburgh section. Definitely rocker style all the way. 🙂  This section includes graphic t-shirts, distressed denim, plaid pants, and leather jackets. We have some great graphic t-shirts in this section, so it was hard to pick one. I finally decided on that one because it was colorful. I paired with a distressed denim skirt, a leather jacket, and quilted black leather slip on sneakers. Love that skirt by the way.
















If you asked me a year ago which look I liked best, I would say Harvard Blair. Now I can say that I love all four of them. I used to only have one type of style, but after a while and especially after starting this job, I’ve learned to embrace all of them. I love putting together different looks for customers and for myself. Don’t be afraid to try a new look or trend. When people come into where I work, we give them a full-styling experience. We help them find the right pair of jeans or the right dress. We tell them why something works for their body type, and why it will work for their lifestyle. It is such a rewarding experience for me to help someone not only find great clothes, but to have them walk out feeling great about themselves. That is why I love this job and the people who I work with. 🙂

Well I hope that you enjoyed this post. Which look is your favorite? Also if anyone would like to learn more about where I work, please let me know.


Have a wonderful day and thank you for stopping by!! 🙂


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