Five New Favorite Beauty Products

Five New Favorite Beauty Products
Hi Everyone!
I hope that you are all having a great week so far.
Today I wanted to share five of my current favorite beauty products.  Some of you also reviewed or talked about these and inspired me to try them. Thank you so much for that.
OK, here we go.
1. Laura Mercier Eyeshadow in Pink Crystal. I know that I mentioned this last week, but I have been loving this eyeshadow. The color goes with everything, and I think that it’s a great color to wear year round. I tried to take a picture for you all, but pictures don’t seem to do it justice.
2. Maybelline Volum’ Express Mega Plush Mascara. I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had tried this mascara along with the Flared Falsies one. I have decided that I like this one much better and I’m going to just use this one from now on. It makes my lashes look full and provides great lengthening. The other one just provided great lengthening, but it has a strong flower-y scent that I didn’t like at all. This one also goes on smoothly without any clumps.
3. NYX Matte Lipstick in Summer Breeze. I know that so many of you have talked about this lipstick so I wanted to give it a try. I wanted a bright pink and this was exactly what I was looking for. It also works well with my skin tone, and it is only $6 dollars which is great.
4.  Fresh Black Tea Age Delay Eye Concentrate. I got this as a sample when I bought that Laura Mercier eyeshadow at Bluemercury.  Here is their website if you want to see if there is one in your area: I know it has only been a week, but I’m really liking this stuff so far. I’m slowly starting to see a difference, and I’m hoping that it will continue. You don’t need much, it goes on smoothly, and it feels refreshing. The only downside to this product is that it’s an $85 dollar cream. I’ll keep you posted on how it is working though.
5. Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting makeup Setting Spray.  You were all right about this product. It is amazing. I bought the smaller size at Sephora and even though I’ve only used it twice, I think that it’s fantastic. In order to make it last longer though I’m not going to use it all of the time. I think that for special occasions or when you’re going to have a long day its perfect. For most days though, I’ll stick to my normal routine.
Have a fabulous day and thank you for stopping by! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Five New Favorite Beauty Products

    • Caroline @ Windy City Chic says:

      Yeah I mean whoever came up with that spray deserves an award! Haha. Check out Shocking Pink too, that was another color that I almost got, but Summer Breeze was more what I was looking for. I hope that you’re having a great day!! 🙂

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